Edita Food Industries was established in 1996, and now is one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company is well known for its consistently high quality products and strong brands like Molto, TODO, Bake Rolls, Bake Stix, Mimix as well as the Hostess cakes range.

The Edita team approached us with a challenge: to create a brand for a premium wafer that will challenge imported wafers in terms of brand image and taste and offer great value in terms of quality and pricing. Inspired by the unique shape and color palette of the product; its texture and colors; we aimed to capture the simple delight that the brand stands for and bring it to life as a compelling design.

 Together we decided to change this perception by ending the commoditization of wafer and adding excitement and innovation to the category. Therefore we came up with the naming, the brand positioning and the brand identity.  

Freska was able to stand to the task creating massive WOM and off-take and generating interest in the entire category. The brand launched with great success and created instant hype, exceeding expectations.

Toy Run



The simplest most basic pleasure in life; is the luxury of receiving and giving gifts. When this offering is given to a child, its meaning intensifies. Therefore Marwa Fayed thought of giving back to her community and launched “Cairo’s Toy Run for Orphanages” in 2010.

Its concept is to collect toys and offer them to less fortunate and less privileged children in orphanages. In her homage, Omar Samra her husband reactivated the project. Because of the emotional appeal related to this cause; we have carefully come up with a playful and whimsical identity, where we have given life to the toys. They have names, feelings and aspirations; and their sole aim is to bring joy to lonely children and engage them in an adventurous magical journey; thus into a “Toy Run”.

The initiative has won MBC Hope’s Humanitarian Project of the Year and has now over 20,000 members in Egypt, USA, Canada, France, Denmark, Jordan, China, Nepal and Australia. 



“Karate Chips” has been in the Egyptian kiosks and supermarket for years; it’s now aiming at re-launching and redesigning all their range.

Our role was to introduce a new packaging that attracts consumer to try and trust the product again in the midst of all the vast array of chips on the shelves.

 The packaging is the hero to deliver the key messages. Through an innovative and eye catchy design the objective is to assure consumers with high quality, competitive price and new tasty flavors.