Windrose College

A Modernized Heritage

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For Our Future Gems

GEMS Education wanted to create a brand for a new school that is modeled on the successful GEMS Cambridge International Schools in the UAE. The school will provide opportunities for students to develop their full, all-around potential through a rich academic program, combined with a variety of extra-curricular activities that helps build their characters. We were approached to work on the identity of the school, communicating its successful model and its benefits to potential students.

A Modernized Heritage

It was vital for us to work on an identity that conveys the vast and unique educational message that this school aims to provide. Therefore, our brand idea was summed up in three main key words: “Seek. Grow. Achieve.” We then chose to hammer on the brand’s solid British roots through the emblem, and simultaneously emphasize that the system is contemporary and progressive by executing the shield in a clean and simplistic manner.

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Heinz Harissa & Hot Sauce

A Flaming Success


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Regaining its Territory

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Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

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