Pepsico's Karate

Kicking its Way Back In


In Loving Memory

Pepsico’s Karate has been one of Egypt’s most popular brands for a very long time. However, due to lack of support and some negative perceptions that started accompanying the product, it started facing a sales slowdown and was eventually going to be killed by Pepsico. Yet, the fact remains that Karate’s name still merits a strong equity among its former consumers, and is still remembered as an old favorite. As such, the brand just needed a little shaking off in order to make a re-emergence into the market, in a way that boosts its sales again, helping it make a strong come-back.

The Resurrection

One of the main problems of the pack was that it hadn’t been re-visited in years, making the design outdated and non-relatable to current consumers. In order to energize the brand, we set out to re-interpret the main elements of the original pack, making them more dynamic and relevant to today’s youth. We closely worked with illustrators to draw out 4 characters for each of karate’s flavors, ones that are similar in style to cartoons that kids today are exposed to. We took it up a notch by making these characters interact with the flavor, adding a dynamic touch to the pack. The brand logo itself was uplifted in order to suit the new modernized pack look.

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Overturning Assumptions

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Embrace your Unique Nature

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Uncover Nature’s Power