Heinz Tomato Paste

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Consistency is Key

Building on our 5-year-long relationship with Heinz, the global food industry leader, we were approached to work on several of their product ranges, with the main goal of maintaining consistency across each range, as well as unifying the general look and feel across the various ranges, highlighting Heinz’s identity across all its different products of various shapes, sizes and types.

The Keystone Prevails

Our main objective was to convey the brand's essence through design, while creating a consistent visual identity that ensures Heinz maintains its position as the leader of its category. The main challenge was engaging the consumer, and expressing the brand attributes in the limited space allocated for branding on the pack. With focus, appetizing product shots and customized typography, we were able to express the needed brand attributes of superior quality and unbeatable taste, with a strong consistent persona. Therefore, our solution offered a more engaging identity that added to the product’s visual value on the shelf, while highlighting Heinz’s individual identity.

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Embrace your Unique Nature

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Uncover Nature’s Power

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No Rest for the Traveler

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