Embrace your Unique Nature

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Embrace your Unique Nature

SODIC, the leading real estate developer in the country, required an uplift of their newly launched luxury development, one with the unique proposition of having intelligently designed greenery. We were approached in order to work on this uplift, allowing their unique proposition to be clearly communicated through its identity. Moreover, a set of parks within the development also needed their own identities each, yet falling properly within the main identity of the entire development.

Intelligent solutions

Moving away from the old look of Villette, we created a whole new visual identity that exclusively hammers on the message: intelligently designed greenery. Inspired by the V in the word Villette, the veins of green leaves, and the four parks that make up most of the development’s greenery, we developed a fresh identity, one that relies on elegant illustrations to convey the brand’s essence. As for the parks, their separate identities were inspired by their appearance on the development’s map, while still maintaining cues from the general feel of Villette’s identity.

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