Biscato Cream Biscuits

Re-uniting the Family


A Family Affair

Biscato is a family-owned business with a wide range of high quality products. Despite the fact that they owned some of the most popular biscuit product brands in the country, consumers were unfamiliar with the corporate brand. Even worse, they associated some of their brands to their competitors, owing to the lack of a clear brand architecture.

The Family, Re-united

We started by developing their brand portfolio strategy and revisiting their brand architecture. We opted for developing an endorser brand that tells the brand story, providing credibility, creating synergy and building brand equity to a brand that’s already successful, but with the right association to the corporate brand. As for the product brands, we worked on revamping their product range, developing an exciting range of original brands that properly fall within the corporate brand, yet have their own stories and can stand on their own.

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Heinz Tomato Paste

The Keystone Prevails


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EG Bank

Overturning Assumptions

Naming - Brand Strategy - Identity - Brand Environment - UI/UXD - Brand Manual

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Embrace your Unique Nature

Identity - Brand Manual