Nestlé Paradise

A Heavenly Comeback


A Set-back Overcome

Long-standing client, Nestlé, were looking to fix a technical set back in their packaging for the Paradise tubs that made it hard for their customers to open and enjoy their favorite ice cream flavors. We were approached to work on the identity of the new tub that was designed, and re-introduce the product as a summer must-have.

And then Some

The new tub was bigger in size. Therefore, we worked on positioning it as a product that is made for the entire family to enjoy, while still keeping in mind that the primary audience is mainly the mother. Moreover, the previous design was seen as outdated, and did not communicate the brand’s essence as a fresh and summery necessity to complement your hot summer days. We worked on a design that would push Paradise back into the market, re-introducing it with a new look and pack, thereby attracting a wider range of consumers, as well as re-establishing its position among its already existing brand loyalists.

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