Nestle Mega Classic

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Me, Myself & Mega

Nestlé’s Mega range is Egypt’s best-selling ice-cream, known across all sectors of the market as the premium ice cream brand that’s consumed for indulgence. With massive exposure throughout all channels, the brand’s strong equity doesn’t allow for much visual change due to its familiarity and the consumer’s bond with the brand. However, it was time their design was re-visited in order to maintain its strength as the leading premium ice cream brand, today.

Matter & Mega

We worked with Nestlé’s Mega team on suggestions for a more modern uplift to an already successful brand. Despite the rigorous guidelines that are inevitable with such big brands, we were entrusted with the mission of re-vamping Mega’s Classic range, keeping in mind the brand’s existing equity. Our main focus lied in further capitalizing the brand personality through a cleaner pack look, with the air brush acting more as a hero than before. The newer and more slick design further established Mega as the number one indulgence product on display.

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No Rest for the Traveler

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Revolutionizing Healthcare

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Wadi Degla Holding

Empowering the Gazelle

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