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Reviving a Popular Brand

Dolceca, now a sub-brand of Nestlé, has been the closest ice-cream brand to the hearts of Egyptians since it came out in the 80s. Through acquiring Dolceca, Nestlé saw a brand opportunity in growing the cone market by targeting a wider audience, and recruiting consumers of other sweet snack categories. Nestlé wanted Dolceca to appeal to a broader audience, while maintaining its iconic daring tonality.

The Rebel

We were challenged by the fact that Dolceca’s appearance was not relevant in today’s fast-changing market, despite its popularity among its loyal fan base. In order to capture a wider range of consumers, the brand’s strong persona of being daring and rebellious had to be communicated through the pack itself, and thus becoming relevant and engaging once more. We adopted the contemporary style of doodle art, infusing it with trending words and expressions, altogether forming an identity that matches what the brand stands for: carefree, spontaneous, and enjoying life to the maximum by living in the present moment.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare

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Wadi Degla Holding

Empowering the Gazelle

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Tom & Jerry

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