Overcoming Barriers


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Our Youth, Our Future

As part of EG Bank’s new positioning, we were asked to work on a sub-brand, a service that talks directly to Egypt’s youth, the ones who constitute a major part of our population, 60%, and whose needs are neglected. This new identity had to fall under EG Bank’s main persona, but in a way that is young, fresh, and appeals to our target audience in a naturally relatable manner.

Hearing You Out

The first step was identifying the missing factors in banking services when it comes to the younger demographic: being intimidating and unapproachable. This step was then followed by an insightful look into the needs of our youth, their interests and their trends, in order to bridge the gap between what is generally offered, and what they actually need. This gap was overcome with just one stride; a design identity that is intuitive, dynamic, approachable and trendy, topped off with a name that communicates our main goal: a fresh new banking perspective for the under-served. With its unique brand signature, fresh visual language, young photography, crisp brand colours and attention-grabbing iconography, the youth now have their own service, one they can communicate with, and relate to.

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Extreme Impact

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A Seasoning for Every Season

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A Heavenly Comeback