The Center of Attention

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The New Name on the Block

The beginnings of the Fawaz Al Hokair Group date back to 1989. Considered the largest retail developer in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest retail developers in the Middle East, Fawaz Al Hokair Group has expanded its business operations beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. This multi-category developer has invested in retail and real estate sectors across the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), the USA and Central Asia. We were approached by Fawaz Al Hokair Group to create a powerful corporate umbrella brand that enables them to communicate with their customers through their collective activities, in a way that allows for awareness of their corporate brand.

The Center of Attention

We were, primarily, faced with the challenge that this brand would have to emerge amidst a highly competitive market, with a consumer base who were not yet familiar with the brand, or of its relevance to its underlying projects, like the already-well-established Mall of Arabia. As such, we worked on an identity that is strong enough to behave like an unapologetically established brand, and clearly communicates what the brand stands for. By already having an Arabic name that means “centers”, we were able to incorporate the shared heritage and culture with the nature of our brand by creating an abstraction of urban concentrations in a custom Arabic font.

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