Team In

When Social Networking Meets Sports

Naming - Brand Strategy - Identity - UI/UXD

Passion for Sports

Team In is a sports-focused social network aiming to connect amateur and professional athletes who share similar sport interests. By empowering users to create events of interest, users would be able to invite sports partners (friends or at random) for individual or group sports activities, follow results, share accomplishments, and stay in touch. Our role was to create a brand identity for this platform, and come up with a top-of-the-line, interactive social network platform, that drives high penetration & growth via strong interactivity and an attractive user interface.

Finding A Partner, Made Easy

After studying the elements that people expect to find in social media platforms, as well as what athletes would be able to relate to, we devised an identity that communicated all the values that this brand works on achieving, through a user-friendly interface, and a bold, dynamic, identity with an especially-made emblem. The intricate details of the emblem constitute a human shape, merged with Team In’s initials, and crowned with a star - in short, focusing on the human element in sports, by sharing the story of each athlete through his interests, his achievements and his dream to become a star.

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