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Establishing Support,

Contact, the child company of Sarwa Capital, was established in 2001 as the first specialized consumer financing company in Egypt. Set up as an independent management and employee-led initiative, the company has managed to secure equity financing from various sources since inception, including banks, private equity firms and individuals. We were asked to work on the identity of their new offering: a financing network which operates through a finance card, offering flexible financing choices for clients.

From the Get Go.

Our first challenge was not allowing the dryness associated with financial services to hinder our visual creativity, neither did we want to make it too friendly at the expense of the brand’s credibility. Our aim was to strike the right balance of being approachable yet reliable, outgoing yet proper. In addition, the said identity had to be strong and versatile enough to travel across a variety of touch points, allowing it to be properly experienced by its wide range of customers. The friendly type font, along with the bold colors, resulted in the right balance between friendliness and credibility, staying true to the brand’s main essence, while being complemented with a name that’s catchy and easy to remember, making it your supportive companion throughout your financial endeavors.

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Wooden Strength


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Sunshine Vegetables

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Heinz Mustard, BBQ & Hot Ketchup

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