Heinz Harissa & Hot Sauce

A Flaming Success


A New Family Member

Known for our love of spicy recipes, we were approached by Heinz to develop a design for a new product, set to be launched in the North Africa Zone. The product which is, in essence, a very hot sauce, has one message to communicate: oriental, and very spicy.

Feeling Hot

Excited as we were to extend the Heinz family with a product that hits close to home, we worked on a design concept that is inspired by the rich, oriental and fiery recipe of the product. However, the main challenge was to produce something that stays true to the nature of the product, while still belonging, unmistakably, to the Heinz family, given the brand guidelines and restrictions. The end result was a definite Heinz addition, with a local feel, that appeals to spicy food lovers everywhere.

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