Regaining its Territory

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King of the Jungle

Senyorita’s potato chips brand, Lion, is one of the biggest players in a fiercely competitive market. With such strong market presence, the brand had managed to build equity and loyalty among its large fan-base. However, with the competition becoming stronger and more aggressive, Lion had to keep up with the change in order to maintain its place in the market. When we were approached to revamp their identity, it was vital for us to maintain the brand’s main essence, yet communicate the development of this old brand.

Power in Growth

We took up the challenge of evolving with an established brand by re-inventing Lion and re-introducing it into the market as a developed version of its old, strong, self. By preserving the main spirit of the brand, we ensured that brand recognition was not lost after the revamp. The brand loyalists were won over by this change, feeling that their favorite brand is ever-evolving in order to meet their changing needs, always maintaining its might and marking its territory in the market.

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